To play these files with surround sound you have to use an actual version of Internet Explorer (we suggest 11, but 9 should also work) or Google Chrome (30 upwards). Firefox and Opera aren’t compatible to MP4 surround.

Alternatively you can download the files by right-clicking on the Download link and choose “Save destination under..”

1 [72]Hertha in Frankfurt 17.12.2014StreamLink [1080p]
2 [73]Hertha in Mainz07.02.2015StreamLink [1080p] | Link [2160p]
3 [78]Hertha in Frankfurt27.09.2015StreamLink [1080p]
4Highlights 201521.04.2016StreamLink [1080p]
5 [82]Magdeburg Heimsupport XXL30.04.2016StreamLink [1080p]

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