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Desktop-Tests: Windows 10: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi
macOS: Safari, Vivaldi
Mobil-Tests: Microsoft Edge (iOS, Android), Chrome (Android), Safari (iOS)
PWA: Safari (iOS), Chrome+Firefox (Android)



version: date: change:
2.3 xx.05.2019 +added push-plugin
+modified shariff buttons
+switched to PHP 7.3
+changed related post plugin to yarp
-deactivated english version
2.2.1 30.08.2018 +performance improvements
+fixed internal links from http to https
+changed image gallery plugin, repaired all galleries
2.2 22.07.2018 +added Morocco to links section
+added PWA support
+new contact form
-deactivated commentary function
2.1 07.07.2018 +added Home button in main menu
+fixed footer menu for english version
+switched to PHP 7.2
+speed optimisations
+updated privacy section
+changed Youtube embed to Lyte (was enhanced data protection mode)
-removed Spain and England from Link section
-removed gravatar support
-removed social login
2.0 30.12.2017 +new design
1.2 13.08.2017 +added playlist Morocco
+added cookie warning (EU law)
+added ssl (https://) support
+activated HSTS
+switched to PHP 7.1
1.1.2a 04.12.2016 +switched to PHP 7.0
1.1.2 05.03.2016 +added playlist Turkey
+added links to turkish league
+added related posts plugin
+added new category „Pyroporn“ to differentiate better between chants and pyro videos
1.1.1 11.07.2015 +added printing layout
1.1 28.06.2015 +QR-Codes for route-pages
+links between stadium pictures and route
+reactivated Fancharts
>FHtv@5.1 –> FHtv+
>“Mail us“ separated to footer
>fixed menu structure
>minor bugfixes
1.0.2 02.05.2015 +added some more leagues
+added YouTube Playlists
>fixed „Links overview“ site
>fixed table design
>fixed Youtube-Widget
1.0.1 15.02.2015 +added Hallen/Arena
+added new social network plugins
+added some more leagues to link section
1.0 24.03.2014 first release


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