FAQ - [FanHoppers.TV]

1. Wtf!? Fanhoppers.TV??

> We started in 2007 to film the audience on the match between Stuttgart vs. Cottbus. Since then we’ve added more and more videos every year under the label ‘Schenx.TV’, because the main homepage was www.schenx.eu. In the beginning of 2014 we started FanHoppers.TV – the name comes from a mixture of Fans and Groundhopping.


2. Okay, you’ve got your own site – and now?

> FanHoppers.TV (fanhopperstv.net) is now the main site of this project, connecting all activities by us, all social media channels and with additional stuff like videos from other people or interesting topics.


3. Please make a video of team X or Y!!

> A big part of football (soccer) is the audience and the live-feeling in the stadium. Most of the games we attend are chosen because of a great expectable audience or a great match. Most of these trips are planned several weeks before the match so mostly these trips aren’t spontaneous. If there are many suggestions like “please do a video of team X” we’ll think about it in the next planning phase, but we can’t promise anything.


4. You do so much filming during the match – do you see anything of what happens on the gras?

> Seriously, that ain’t a problem. You only have to calibrate the camera once a time and then you have only to hit the record button when you think there might a nice song. After several years of hopping you’ll get a feeling for these moments.


5. Which equipment do you use?

> Since summer 2013 we are filming with a Canon S100. The 5.1/4k videos exclusively hosted at FanHoppers.TV are recorded with a Microsoft/Nokia Lumia 930/Icon. More technical stuff can you find under “Technical stuff”.


6. Okay, you have only videos of german soccer – is there more to come?

> FanHoppers.TV is just a hobby – no professionalists, no unlimited money etc. In the near future there will definitely be international trips in europe, for example Basel, Turin and we would love to see a match in Saloniki or Athens, Warszawa, Liverpool, Famagusta and much much more. But again, this is just a hobby and we can’t fly every weekend to another place :(

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